Wednesday, December 21, 2016

3D Printed Nintendo Christmas Tree Decorations

Following on from my last 3D print, and to celebrate the recent release of the NES Classic Edition Console, I made some 3D printed Nintendo character Christmas tree ornaments. The sprite art is taken from Nintendo Entertainment Systems games The Legend of Zelda (Link), Metroid (Samus), Super Mario Bros. 3 (Mario) and Kirby's Adventure (Kirby).

I made the models using OpenSCAD and by importing in arrays that contained the pixel values. I then created a separate 3D object for each colour set, matching up the colours to the available colours of filament I had. Like in my previous multi-colour print, I made the pixels 2 mm squares, but subtracted a small buffer in size of 0.25 mm for edges that adjoin onto different colours. Because some of the sprites were kind of complicated, and I didn't feel like having to glue any pieces, I designed a black border around the sprites, so everything would be nice and self contained and just snap into place. It took a fair bit of time to put them all together, but it was kinda fun, like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

You can download all the stl files here: Nintendo Christmas Tree Decorations (Thingiverse)

Merry Christmas!

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